Please bear with me…

as I make some more adjustments, yet again, to my poor blog.

I’ve been having a hard time choosing a design template that makes me happy. I had settled on the last one, but then realized last night/this morning that the sidebar was cut off for most viewers. It looked fine on my end, but apparently my resolution settings are crazy and not what everyone else is using. And I can’t have you guys looking at a cut-off sidebar!!!

So, I’ve gone back to what they call a “fixed-width” layout. I don’t like these fixed-width jobs because they’re so narrow. And, as you’ve noticed, I usually have a lot to say… so a wider column for my ramblings is really nice. Unfortunately, most of the fixed-width layouts don’t have very wide columns. Sigh.

But, I thought some of you would be happy to know that this template allows for a custom header. I heard lots of booing when I took my custom header down several months ago… so now I’ll have to get busy designing another one for your viewing pleasure. đŸ˜‰

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