She makes me laugh

Avery is obsessed with fingernails and nail polish (even though she chews her nails and barely has any to polish!). One thing she HAD to buy on her birthday was a bottle of white nail polish. I don’t ask questions; I just go with it.

So, just now, she came in to my desk and said, “Mom, do you know where my white nail polish is? And I need a toothpick.”

The white nail polish was sitting on my desk… duh, where else would it be (my desk is the catch-all in our house… no wonder I have trouble concentrating on work!). And I looked at her skeptically and said, “a toothpick??”

She replied, “YES, MOM! A toothpick… I want to put little white dots on the nail.”

I said, “I don’t think nail polish is really going to stick to the toothpick, it’s so pointy…”

Avery replied, “MOM. This works. I saw it on YouTube!!!!” (Can’t you just SEE her standing there, yelling at me with her hand on her hip??)

And I laughed myself silly and got the diva a toothpick.

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2 Responses to She makes me laugh

  1. … and did it work? I fancy some red nails with white dots … LOL

  2. Erin says:

    Oh, I should probably take a pic of her toes and show you guys, huh?? It kinda/sorta worked… you can imagine her “skillz” aren’t the best. But give her a few years! 😉

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