Avery’s room redo

A few nights ago, we decided to pull up a corner of the carpet in Avery’s bedroom… just to see what might be hiding under the nasty carpet in this house. Nick and I have been speculating for months and wondering if we’d get lucky enough to find some kind of flooring. And, we did.

So, in our excitement, we ended ripping all of the carpet and padding out of Avery’s room in two evenings. (Really, Nick did all the work… I’m a good supervisor, though!) Then, Mom and I decided to start painting. Then, Nick and I were shopping for a new bed for Avery. Then, I took a trip to the local Goodwill store, looking for accessories, and found a perfect new comforter, sheets, etc.

So, checking to see what was lurking under our carpet turned into four days of lots of work! And, now, Avery has a new room!!

This is a picture from last year, but this is pretty much what Avery’s room looked like four days ago.

And, this is what it looks like tonight.

Mom and I did ALL of the priming, taping, and painting last night. The room is now pink, pink, and MORE pink. Avery wouldn’t have it any other way!!

We still have quite a bit of work left to do in Avery’s room. Mom is making curtains tonight. We need to get some baseboards and new outlets, switches, and covers. And I’d like to find a cute area rug one of these days. And, of course, we have lots of accessories and things to decorate with! I’m hoping to paint a chalkboard on one of the smaller walls in the room for my little artist!

So, it’s not “done,” by any stretch of the imagination! But, we did accomplish a whole lot in four short days!!

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9 Responses to Avery’s room redo

  1. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    Lookin’ Good! Couple o’ Handy Women, I see!

  2. KimL141 says:

    I love the stripes! Perfect girly room!

  3. Linda says:

    I LOVE it!!!

  4. Dannelle Gay says:

    I love how the stripes came out!

  5. kate says:

    I bet she LOVES that pink room!
    It came out great. Kudos to E & Mom!

  6. Tammi says:

    It looks great! Love the stripes!

  7. Granny says:

    Room looks really great. I know she is a Happy little girl in her lovely pink room.

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