Avery’s birthday

I didn’t make an emotional birthday post this year for dear Avery… not because I wasn’t feeling emotional about it. It’s simply beyond my comprehension that my baby girl is now six years old. Although she still runs to my arms for a snuggle when she’s upset and she still kinda/sorta fits in my lap, there isn’t much else that’s baby-like about her these days. And I’m both thrilled and saddened by that.

Because she’s having a joint birthday party with her brother a few weeks from now, her actual birthday was a pretty quiet one. She had gotten some birthday money in the mail last week, so I told her I would take her shopping, wherever she wanted to go, on her birthday. She’s such a girly girl and was super excited about a day shopping with her old mom!

Our adventure began with breakfast at Eat N Park. Avery had eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice… oh, and a side of fruit (her favorite!).

Then we went to our local mall. First stop was Game Stop, where Avery wanted to look for games for her new DS. Game Stop was an absolute nightmare, so we didn’t hang out there very long! We then went to Claire’s, where Avery purchased a bottle of white nail polish and some make-up disguised as a cell phone.

Next stop, the shoe store!!! The diva found a pair of “cloppy shoes” that she couldn’t live without. She then insisted on wearing them around the mall, even though I warned her that they’d probably hurt her bare feet. She insisted. And by the time we left the mall, she was whining and begging me to carry her to the car. As if. I can still hold her in my lap, but carry her?? Uh, no. I told her that my grandma always told me you have to suffer to be beautiful. Her response? “Well, who CARES about being beautiful?!?!?!” (Apparently she did an hour earlier when she insisted on buying the darn shoes!)

Then, limping through the mall in her uncomfortable, cloppy shoes, we headed back to the Game Stop (i.e., Hell on Earth the day after Christmas!). Avery picked out three new games, and then we waited in line for an hour to pay for them. She even chose one game for her brother… because she’s a nice sister like that.

At this point, her money was spent and her feet were killing her. We took a lap through Sears and rode the escalator because Avery thought that looked like fun… then we headed home for cake and presents. Avery got a Birthday Barbie and oodles of Crayola goodies, paper, and a big box to put it all in (so that, hopefully, the Crayola goodies won’t fall victim to a big, hairy dog who lives in our house and loves to eat Crayola goodies!).

I think the diva had a pretty nice 6th birthday. I know that I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with my favorite girl!!

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