Holiday Stuffing, Part One

Because we had Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house this year, I haven’t had MY stuffing yet. And I’ve been craving it… probably since Thanksgiving!! My mom’s family has always used the most awesome stuffing recipe, and it couldn’t be any simpler! So even a kitchen-challenged person like me can make it!!!

I wasn’t going to fix a big meal today… because it’s just the five of us here: Me, Nick, Damon, Avery, and my mom. But, I had to have some stuffing. So, I bought a small, 12-lb turkey and the stuffing fixins. And there will be mashed potatoes and rolls, of course. Oh, and Nick’s boss gave him a pumpkin roll that his wife made; that will be our scrumptious dessert!

Anyhoo, this morning while I was making my favorite stuffing, I snapped a few pictures and figured I’d share the easy, peasy recipe here.

Here’s the yummy part… chopped celery and onions fried in an entire stick of butter. I wish I had a scratch-n-sniff blog right now because the smell of onions and celery frying in butter is absolutely divine!!

While that ‘s cooking and smelling lovely, chop up almost two loaves of white bread and throw it in a huge bowl. Yum, I love bread.

Next, pour the onion and celery in with the bread and add a few eggs to make it nice and gloopy. Then, take off your wedding rings and dig in. You must get messy and mix it up with your hands… it’s the only way!

It looks something like this when it’s all mixed and ready for the bird:

And, speaking of the bird… here she is, salt and peppered, stuffed, and ready to go! With another stick of butter sliced up and shoved under her skin. Rather grotesque, but oh so yummy!!

I’ll try to remember to take some more flattering photos of her when she’s crispy and brown, before we dig in, approximately 3.5 hours from now! I’m already drooling…

ETA: I didn’t take pictures of the bird, or the stuffing, after I took her out of the oven. Apparently I was too anxious to dig in! But it was deeee-licious! 🙂

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3 Responses to Holiday Stuffing, Part One

  1. Michelle says:

    That is a lot like my families! But no celery! Blech. I love our stuffing!

  2. Erin says:

    Michelle, I’m not a fan of celery, either. But cooked in the stuffing like that, it’s not very celery-like! I’ve never tried making it without, but I’m sure that would be good, too!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    This looks very similar to my family’s stuffing. My grandmother always cooked hers outside the bird, though. I recently just made a vegan version which came out great. Happy Holidays.

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