Christmas Morning

I decided not to go crazy snapping pictures this morning. I know, shocking, for a crazy, scrapbooking mom like me! But, honestly, sometimes the camera is more of a hassle than it’s worth… and I find that I’m not enjoying moments like I should because I’m too busy snapping pics. So… here are a few that I took while the kids opened gifts. Other than that, I sat back, without camera in hand, and enjoyed the morning with my family.

Here’s Damon with his new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book:

Avery, cheesin’ and  opening her new baby doll (who creeps me out, just a little!!):

Damon’s DS… I think he liked it! Avery got one, too (a pink one, of course!), and we’ve all been fighting over them all morning… they’re quite entertaining!

Avery’s new hat/glove/scarf set. I got each kid one of these sets from The Children’s Place. They’re soooo nice and comfy and warm. And it was soooo hard not to give them to the kids early, when they were out in the snow all week! I kept sending them out in the snow in mix-matched gloves and hats… and I knew I had these awesome, warm sets just waiting!! At least the next time it snows, they’ll be ready… and fashionable!

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