Avery went back to school today after missing two days because she was sick. When we were walking home from the bus stop this afternoon, she told me that she was supposed to wear her jammies to school this morning… but we didn’t know because they sent home letters about it on the days that she missed. I asked her why they wore jammies today, and she said something about how they watched a movie… but didn’t elaborate. Then she moved on to something else, of course… because she’s almost-6 and has the attention span of a gnat.

As the evening progressed, I kept getting clues about what this mystery movie might have been.

At some point, she came up to me as I was sitting at the computer and put a bell around my neck. Then she wandered off, onto the next thing (gnat!).

As she was getting out of the tub later, she put her arms up so I could wrap her in her towel, and she randomly exclaimed, “I believe! I believe in all things Christmas!!” Alrighty then.

Then, before she went to bed, she told me not to lose the bell she’d placed around my neck earlier… because it’s special… *whisper* “It’s the first gift of Christmas, Mommy!”

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Avery’s class watched The Polar Express today. Is anyone else getting that feeling??

I live with Cuteness… and her name is Avery.

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