Christmas shopping

Two things have made this year’s Christmas shopping absolutely stress-free… and you just have to love stress-free shopping!

First, I discovered this awesome place (a parent’s dream, really) in a mall not far from here. So, Sunday morning, we loaded up our kids and headed for Robinson (and braved the icy roads to get there, but made it safely!). We signed them in and said “see ya!” and left our kids. It was a wonderful, miraculous thing!!

Nick and I turned our backs on our offspring and decided to take a quick jaunt through the mall… although, we pretty much knew we weren’t going to do any shopping in the mall. We’re poor parents, and poor parents don’t shop in the mall. I couldn’t tell you the last time I shopped in a mall, honestly, but I’m pretty sure it was before I had two kids! But, we did stop at the Food Court and had a kid-free lunch. That was also wonderful and miraculous.

Then, we left the mall and headed to a neighboring shopping center. We hit one store (that I won’t name here, just in case one of my extremely intelligent children happens to read my blog between now and Christmas!) and pretty much knocked out all of our shopping there. It was fun (sorry, I can’t say that spending that much money was wonderful or miraculous, but it was fun!).

Two hours after dropping them off, we returned to the mall and retrieved our kids. They were both sweaty and tired and happy. The $28 it cost me to leave them for 2 hours was the best $28 I’ve ever spent. And I’ll do it again… for sure.

Then, the next day, sitting in the comfort of my home, I wandered over to Amazon. And knocked out some more shopping there. I love Amazon. Every year, I get the kids something (usually lots of somethings) from Amazon because they always have awesome toy sales before Christmas (and free shipping!). And I love, love, love online shopping from home (especially with free shipping!). It’s wonderful and miraculous.

So, it’s a week before Christmas and most of our Christmas shopping is done. That is certainly wonderful and miraculous.

Now, if only these gifts would wonderfully and miraculously wrap themselves…

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