Avery came home from her sleepover at 2am this morning. Apparently she was so excited about the Tooth Fairy (and worried that the TF wouldn’t find her at Trinity’s house!) that she couldn’t sleep.

So, at 2am, Avery and I were walking home from Trinity’s, toting her blanket and pillow, her Princess party favor bag, and the plastic case that was holding her former front tooth. Avery had a death grip on the tooth… and a piece of paper. She had written a note for the Tooth Fairy, to put under her pillow with the tooth.


My toothless wonder was beyond thrilled this morning when she woke up and found a crisp dollar bill in the plastic case where the tooth had been. Although, she was a little upset that the tooth was gone. I explained to her that the Tooth Fairy paid her for the tooth… and took it. What I didn’t tell her is that Mommy pays the Tooth Fairy to take and dispose of the nasty, bloody teeth that they put under their pillows. Because, well, that’s just nasty. I’m a sentimental person, and I hold on to lots of memorabilia and things… but teeth? No. The Tooth Fairy can have bloody baby teeth!


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2 Responses to Toothless

  1. Emily says:

    Awww, I love the toothless look! I loved this stage with my kids. I have a note that Madeline wrote to the toothfairy too. (Brady wasn’t concerned with writing notes, just give him the cash already!) Avery is growing up way too fast.

  2. Kate says:

    I love that she came home that night & left this note. She is so darn cute w/o that tooth!

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