Bad Timing

Avery went to a slumber party tonight, just down the street at her friend Trinity’s house. Trinity is actually a classmate of Damon’s, so she and the other two girls at the party tonight are a few years older than Avery. But, if I know my firecracker of a daughter, she’s fitting in JUST FINE with the “older girls” tonight!

Earlier this afternoon, before Avery went to Trinity’s, we had a big discussion about her loose tooth. Her first loose tooth. It’s one of her big front teeth, and it’s been loose for a few weeks. And today when we were talking about it, I looked at her and thought, “now, watch her lose that darn tooth tonight, when she’s not at home.” But, I shrugged it off, thinking what are the chances?? (And, really, it didn’t feel THAT loose!)

Guess what? Avery just called me on the phone… soooo stinkin’ excited because her loose tooth just came out. The older, more experienced eight- and nine-year-old girls taught Avery all the tricks to getting a pesky loose tooth out of the way. Those older girls… corrupting my baby!

So, now, of course, we have a Tooth Fairy dilemma. I’m not sure if Trinity’s mom will play Tooth Fairy for me or not, but Avery was NOT happy when I told her to bring the tooth home with her for the Tooth Fairy tomorrow night. Not happy. At all. So, I told her to put the tooth under her pillow tonight and see if the Tooth Fairy finds her at Trinity’s. If she doesn’t (because Lord knows the Tooth Fairy has a lot of kids and addresses to keep track of, right??), then I told Avery to bring her tooth home and we’ll try it again tomorrow night. She seemed okay with that compromise.

Because I’ve been home with my babies every day since the day they were born, it’s not very often (if ever!) that I’ve missed a “first” in their lives. So, I’ll admit, I was a little upset that I wasn’t there when Avery’s first tooth came out. And, at this moment, I’m really grateful that I HAVE been home with them every day, so that I haven’t missed any firsts (until now, that is!). That’s something that I now realize I’ve taken for granted over the years, while I was busy feeling “stuck” at home and envying my friends who took their kids to daycare every morning and got daily breaks from their offspring.

Yes, I’ve been “stuck” at home for 10 years. And I’ve hated it at times and often questioned my decision to be a stay-at-home mom… was it really the best thing for me and my kids? Would we have all been better off, mentally and emotionally and financially, if I’d gone back to work and they’d had more outside influences? Tonight, I can tell you with 100% certainty that, yes, it was the absolute right thing for us. Tonight, for the first time in ten years, I got a second-hand account of a “first” in my child’s life… and I didn’t like it. And it brought tears to my eyes (of the happy, bittersweet variety) that she had to call me just moments after the big event, to tell me all about it. Because, obviously, it felt a little strange to Avery that Mommy wasn’t there sharing that “first” with her, too.

Being stuck at home with the kids isn’t all bad.

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5 Responses to Bad Timing

  1. Carrie says:

    Thanks Erin… I needed to read that tonight. Been having a tough week at home with the babies being stuck inside since this storm arrived…..sometimes I wonder if I am doing it right?

  2. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    So where are the photos of the GAP-MOUTHED NOSE MINER?!!!

  3. Erin says:

    I posted pics this morning, Dad… not sure how you got to this post and missed them! lol

  4. Bonnie says:

    Such a wonderful view on a topic that many, many stay-at-home moms struggle with…

  5. Morgan says:

    Erin, you will NEVER regret it…I had the opportunity to be a stay at home mom several times and yes it does, at times, make you feel like you are losing contact with the world….but the most important world is your children and husband (if you are lucky enough to have a good husband)….Hang in there….memories are precious…firsts are sooooo special….they do grow up and leave the nest( which of course is healthy), but they will remember…. that Mom was there!

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