Today has been a great day… already!

This morning, I woke up healthy and happy next to one of my favorite people in the world (my husband, for those of you who couldn’t figure that one out!).

My kids woke up healthy and happy, with minimal grumbling… and after a long weekend, it was sooo nice to wave goodbye to them as the bus pulled away (no, I don’t feel even the slightest twinge of Mommy Guilt admitting that!).

I’ve enjoyed several cups of coffee from my brand new coffee maker that my awesome husband surprised me with yesterday morning.

I’ve already been for two walks around the block (once with each canine). I’m really trying to be a good Dog Mom. I complain about Lizzie and Comet a lot, but honestly, they’re pretty good dogs and deserve many walks. For all of their faults, they love me unconditionally (and whether I walk them or not!).

I was able to clean out and fix the malfunctioning water filter on the aquarium that Nick set up in our bedroom yesterday (I think that should earn me some “awesome wife” points!).

I’ve actually gotten a fair amount of work done today. I still have a long way to go with the whole notion of self-discipline and staying off the Internet when I should be working… but today has been an improvement, anyway!

I received a HUGE box of books from my dear friend Angie. I’m talking oodles of books that I’m now dying to read!! And half of them were even signed by the authors, with personal inscriptions to little ole me; that made me a little teary-eyed!

Speaking of my friend Angie… Check out her awesome news here and here.

I’ve talked to both of my grandmothers today. Granny called me this morning just because she was thinking of me and wanted to hear my voice, instead of sending an e-mail… could she be any sweeter?? And Gram called this afternoon to tell me that she booked us an oceanfront room for our visit to Maryland next month (squeeeee!); I can’t wait to see Gram, all of my Mommy friends (at our annual Christmas party!), and the ocean!!

I think that’s enough “good news” to share for one day… I don’t want any of you to develop cavities as a result of reading my blog. Plus, the last time I posted a “feel good” blog, my husband looked at me like he didn’t know who I was, felt my forehead, and asked if I felt okay. I don’t want to worry him too much!

But, it’s been a great day… already!!


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