Friday morning

For some insane reason, I woke up 1.5 hours before my alarm was set to go off this morning. And I took Nyquil before I went to bed last night, so I figured I’d be draggggging this morning. Apparently not! (Although, I feel a nap in my future!)

The kids are still snoozing away and I’m tempted to just let them sleep in today and skip school. Damon was sent home early yesterday because he wasn’t feeling well. And, even though he acted just FINE once he got here, he does have a yucky cough and I’m keeping him medicated. My throat has been killing me, so it’s only a matter of time before it hits Avery, too, I figure! Maybe an impromptu long weekend is what we all need.

Of course, this is the worst possible time for me to get sick. I’m editing a book that’s due a week from today… and there’s still a lot left to do! It’s my first book for this particular Project Manager, and I’m determined to meet the deadline and hopefully make a good impression. Getting sick is NOT part of my plan!!


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2 Responses to Friday morning

  1. Carrie says:

    Yuck! I hope you are feeling better soon Erin. Its inevitable….everyone around us is sick. Atleast you all will get it out of the way before the holidays! With my luck, we will all be down with something around Christmas :(!

  2. Donna Norris says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better today!

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