Read-A-Thon: Hour 7

I actually got some more reading done, YAY!! It’s amazing what you can do when you step.away.from.Twitter!

The Cub Scouts (and their daddies) were making all kinds of racket in my basement… and my dogs were up here barking like mad… so I holed up in my room and read for almost an hour. Still working on Witch Fire, but I’m getting much closer to the end, thank GOD!

I also made a food run! I did NOT plan for food today… next time, that’s what I’ll do differently, for sure! Not much in the kitchen to grab and eat, and Nick was busy with the boys and their Derby cars. So, I ran to town and hit Arby’s drive-thru. Came home armed with Ham Melts and Arby’s Melts galore, for me and my crew. I bought lots, so hopefully I’ll have extras to chow on later, too! 😉

Actually enjoyed my little drive to town. It’s getting c-c-c-cold out there again, after a brief respite earlier this week, but the fall leaves are absolutely gorgeous in the Hills of West Virginia right now. Next time I venture out, I’ll try to remember to take a camera along!

Anyhoo… here are my latest Read-A-Thon stats:

Total time spent reading: about 2 hours

Total pages read: 122

Mini-Challenges completed: Where in the World is the Readathon and Bart’s Book Title Sentence Challenge

Currently Reading: Only 55 more pages left of Anya Bast’s Witch Fire!!

Total Tweets today: 65

Random Thoughts: Much happier now that I’ve had some food, and the sweet tea will hopefully wake me up some! Ready to read some more (after I catch up on Tweets, of course!).

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2 Responses to Read-A-Thon: Hour 7

  1. You’re doing great! I’ve only completed one mini-challenge. I didn’t think to count my tweets on twitter or how long I’ve actually been reading. I know I lost 2 hours somewhere in here.

  2. softdrink says:

    Readers rule
    Readers rock
    But don’t forget
    To go for a walk

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