Kindergarten and 3rd Grade

The kids got their school pictures back today.

I almost cried when I saw Avery’s because her hair was soooo long! In typical backwards Witschey fashion, we had our kids’ hair cut a week AFTER pics were taken. And Avery’s hair is a lot shorter now. I didn’t miss her long hair one bit until I saw this picture.

And then there’s Damon. With the scruffy, messy hair… and the forced smile… and the stiff neck pose (why do school photographers do that??). But still, it’s a typical Damon look!


Sometimes I forget how fast the kids are growing up, until I see them in pictures and think, “who are those big kids?!?!?!” I had one of those moments this afternoon. I placed these pics side by side and thought, “Where, oh where, did my babies go??”

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3 Responses to Kindergarten and 3rd Grade

  1. Emily says:

    Aww, they are such great pictures! Avery is, as usual, looking just like her mother! Her hair is beautiful. Damon is such a stud hehehe. He almost favors your brother a little in this picture.
    They certainly do grow up fast. Next thing you know you will be looking at two kids in high school…scary!

  2. Carrie says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! High school! I can’t even think about that, as I am pretty sure you can’t either! They do grow up really fast…the best part of our lives is just moving right along! Great pictures Erin…they are such cuties!

  3. KathyM says:

    They both look so cute! Great pics!

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