The old lady’s house

The sweetest little old lady lives next door to us. I really wish I knew her name, so that I could stop referring to her as “The Old Lady,” but alas, I don’t. I think it’s Wilma, or Velma… or something like that. But, in our house, she’s “The Old Lady,” much to my chagrin.

And my daughter LOVES The Old Lady.

One day when the kids were outside playing after school, Avery came up missing. I found her in The Old Lady’s house, playing her piano, petting her cat, and eating her out of house and home. And every other day, Avery asks me if she can go to The Old Lady’s house… and I usually say, “no,” because I don’t want Avery driving this sweet woman NUTS (and she will, given the chance!).

Yesterday afternoon, The Old Lady was outside winterizing her windows (at least that’s my guess). And the kids were outside playing, so of course Avery spotted her. She ran in and begged me to let her go see The Old Lady. I finally relented, but told her NOT to go in The Old Lady’s house… just to talk to her outside.

I walked out front a little while later and cracked up laughing when I saw this:


There’s the poor Old Lady, trying to work on her window… and Avery (the Punky Brewster look-alike) is standing there yammering on and on and ON. I secretly hope that The Old Lady has a hearing problem so that she doesn’t have to actually listen to Avery’s mouth (which does not have an “off” button).

Then, I zoomed in with my camera a little and saw this:


But of COURSE she conned The Old Lady into feeding her! Would I expect anything less?

And, about 30 seconds after that, Avery disappeared into The Old Lady’s house (yes, she disobeyed her mother; can you believe that??)… and a few seconds after that, I heard that unmistakable sound of Avery pounding on The Old Lady’s piano.

It’s always my instinct not to let Avery wander over there and bug this woman. But then I stop and think back to my childhood. I spent many an evening wandering over to our neighbor’s house. Mr. St Clair sat out on his porch, probably drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes… and I took my jump rope over and ran my mouth to him. Much like Avery does now with The Old Lady. I’m not sure why I was drawn in that direction, but I do remember looking forward to our evening visits. So, I guess Avery comes by this naturally.

It’s my hope that The Old Lady enjoys Avery’s company on the rare occasion that I let her visit next door. I’m sure her youth and energy (and, yes, even her motor mouth!) are refreshing to her… and I KNOW the child is entertaining, at the very least!

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4 Responses to The old lady’s house

  1. Kristie says:

    I think its cute that she likes visiting your neighbor (and uh…you might want to learn her name LOL!)

    And you know, Avery does look like Punky Brewster! Used to love that show!

  2. Carrie Hewitt says:

    How adorable! Avery is not only cute, but also so sweet! I bet she loves getting visits from her!

  3. Penny says:

    I’ll bet the “Old Woman” loves having Avery visit her. Reagan visits an older couple across the street from us, they now look for her to visit and worry if a day passes and she doesn’t go over to visit. I’ve often wondered if she bothers them and have asked and they have told me “No”
    I think it’s sweet when children will visist elderly people and that the elderly get a kick out of it. I bet Avery makes the “Old Lady’s ” Day

  4. Granny says:

    I wish Avery lived next door to me. I would love it. I don’t have a piano ,would love to teach her to play scrabble and I would be Happy to feed her,Tee hee. She is so precious .I bet the lady relly enjoys her visiting . Do find out her name….

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