First Day of School (The Avery Edition)

Most mornings, I have to drag my sleepyhead daughter out of bed so that we can take her brother to school. Today, she jumped right up. She also changed her clothes four times before settling on her outfit (even though we had an outfit picked out and set out last night, to make this morning easier! So much for that!). I think she decided on her monkey shirt because it matched the monkey name tag that her teacher brought last week during the home visit.


Mrs. R’s Kindergarten classroom was mass chaos this morning, with 23 students and their parents roaming around trying to figure things out. But we managed to find her locker and her mailbox and even got her mid-morning snack put in the right spot. I snapped a few pictures of Avery in the classroom and then couldn’t think of another reason to linger…


As predicted, Avery didn’t mind at all when I left her… she barely acknowledged me when I told her it was time for Mommy to go.

I’ve had a nice, quiet, peaceful, kid-free day. But I am looking forward to seeing their smiling faces 45 minutes from now. I can’t wait to hear all about Avery’s first day. I have a feeling she’ll have a lot to tell me, whereas I get the infamous one-word answers from her older brother!

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