Another Saturday at the ball field

After only two weeks, I’m already growing tired of this fall ball stuff.

I do actually look forward to the games. I love to see Damon out there in his cute little uniform, hustling on and off the field, and playing with SUCH enthusiasm. It’s really something to see. Half of the kids on his team look like they’re not sure which planet they’re on, let alone where the ball is and what they’re supposed to do when it comes hurtling at their faces. But Nick and I are always amazed at how “at the ready” Damon is… almost every second that he’s on that field, his eye is on the ball and he’s ready to chase it down or back up his teammates. He may not be among the most talented on the team, but his heart is certainly in it!

…until the last few innings of the game, when his team is down by 10+ runs and the coach is getting grouchy and yelling at the boys. Damon doesn’t take that very well… at all.

His team lost both games again today. And the coach did what coaches do and kinda lectured the boys and threatened them with running laps for errors, etc. And Damon cried the whole way home and said he didn’t want to play baseball anymore. Now, we all know that Damon’s a wee bit emotional… and a tad fickle… and has a really short temper. And all of that in one kid is a pretty lethal combination. I’m sure he’ll be begging Nick to take him to the batting cage tomorrow… and by the time Monday evening’s practice rolls around, he’ll be Mr. Enthusiasm again.

But Saturdays are turning out to be really painful. Sitting on hard, wooden bleachers in the hot, summer sun for 5 hours, while your son’s team gets clobbered out there two games in a row?? And getting irritated because it’s becoming more and more apparent that your son’s coach is only interested in coaching his two boys, who are both on the team? Oh yeah, that’s a real party.

I can hardly wait for next Saturday to roll around!

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1 Response to Another Saturday at the ball field

  1. Michelle says:

    Both of the boys coaches were pretty laid back this year, and good thing, because I never could have tolerated what you are. I would be clobbering the coach! 🙂

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