Sunday Night News Shorts

Too much work to do; too much farming done; not enough coffee in the world.

Damon starts Fall Baseball tomorrow. (Is it Fall already? Did I sleep through the end of Summer??) He’s excited and hasn’t quit talking about it for days. Two practices per week; games every weekend. Lots of pictures forthcoming, I can just about guarantee.

Vacation is only a week away!! Spending next week with my in-laws in a cabin in the woods, by the lake. Hope to read a lot. Looking forward to getting away from my computer and work (will probably have FarmTown withdrawals, though). Sad that Nick can’t get time off work to come with us… bummer. Lots of pictures forthcoming.

Enjoying my new office set-up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to get the work done any faster/easier.

Haven’t had nearly enough reading time lately; making me a very grumpy girl. Currently re-reading first three books in one of my favorite series because the fourth book recently came out. Usually enjoy re-reading, but this time it’s been painful and slooooow.

Didn’t do a “Been There, Read That recap” for June or July. Figure no one really cares what I think about the books I read. And I really hate attempting to review in any way, shape, or form. I pretty much love everything I read. Period. Still keeping a list of books read in 2009, though, just for my own curiosity.

Have been smoke-free for almost 5 months. Don’t miss it at all anymore and wonder why I ever smoked in the first place. Yay!! Have gained/Am gaining weight at an alarming rate since quitting, however. Boo!! Could’ve lived without that, really. Don’t worry… no pictures forthcoming.

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