Uhh, where’s Avery??

The last time I saw Avery, she was sitting on my bed, playing on my bedside table… you know, playing with a tissue box and a couple of her dad’s inhalers and an empty soda can?? Fun stuff!

I thought it was a little strange, but she was being quiet, so I shut the door so that the dogs would leave her alone and went on my way.

Just a few minutes ago, HOURS later, it occurred to me that I hadn’t seen or heard Avery in quite some time. So I did a quick scan of the house, starting with my bedroom where I’d seen her last, and came up with no Avery. I asked her brother (who was sitting on the couch playing a computer game), “Where’s Avery?” He had no idea.

Our house is just NOT that big. And there aren’t that many hiding places. And Avery isn’t quiet enough to HIDE, anyway, Lord knows.

So, I make my way through the house again… searching for Avery.

This is what I saw when I opened my bedroom door…


A destroyed bed (the kids always go for that first, why??). And, yes, I know that a child COULD be hidden in those covers, and I saw that “brown thing” curled up in the blankets… but I swear, I thought it was Lizzie the evil min pin.

On closer examination, however, I found this…




She’s the strangest child. She sleeps until noon… and then passes out a few hours later? At least she was quiet for a couple of blessed hours! Damon was grateful for the quiet time, I know!


Unfortunately, the flash of my camera woke the sleeping princess… and it didn’t take long for the Battle of the Siblings to start up again!

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