Sketchy Thursdays 7.2.09

This week’s Sketchy Thursdays challenge was a simple one, full of the dreaded “white space!” I usually have a hard time leaving white space on my layouts… but, I have started an album with the photos that my friend Meliss took of my kids last year, and I’ve been trying to keep the layouts very simple so that the focus is really on the photos (because they’re so gosh darn cute!!).

Sooo, this week’s sketch was PERFECT for that album (which I really needed to work on anyway!).



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4 Responses to Sketchy Thursdays 7.2.09

  1. Diana Fisher says:

    Yeah, so glad you played along! You win the award for quickest turnaround ever on my sketch challenge! Glad you liked the sketch, and the page you did is great! Is that your handwriting under the picture? Lovely, so neat!!

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, Diana! No, not my handwriting… it’s a rub-on from a Flavia kit that I’ve had for ages. A teeny, tiny rub-on!! lol

  3. MommaC says:

    That’s a handsome guy in the pic … the layout is great!

  4. Trish says:

    I love this! The little touch of elements and I love flowers on boys layouts!

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