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My friend Penny tagged me this morning.

So now I have to list six silly, simple things that make me smile. Focus on the little things that bring me happiness on a daily basis. Okay, I’ll try (although it would be much easier to list six things that make me scream and cuss and cry! Can we do that next??).

1. My books. I think I probably ramble on and on enough about how much I like to read. So I won’t do that now. But, on a daily basis, books provide me with comfort, escape, adventure, romance, and so much more. And I love the way my bookshelf looks when it’s nice and neat and semi-organized. (Note: a picture of part of my organized bookshelf is supposed to appear below… but it’s being very selective about when it chooses to appear.)


2. My kids singing along with the radio. More specifically, it cracks me up to hear my 5-year-old daughter singing along to a very “adult” song. I know, I know, I shouldn’t even be letting her listen to that kind of music, let alone encouraging her to sing along with curse words and sexual lyrics. But I do. And it’s funny. Every now and then she’ll ask me a question about the lyrics, and that’s quite amusing, too (especially when I have no clue how to answer her!). One of her current favorites is “Don’t Trust Me” by 3Oh!3. And the other day, Avery asked me, “Mom… why does he want her to talk with her hips??” I’m sure I have no idea, Avery! And, of course, she has no clue what she’s really saying when she’s singing “if you seek Amy” with Brit Brit (Avery’s other favorite song at the moment).*

3. A dog asleep at my feet. Really, a dog asleep anywhere makes me smile… because it sure beats a crazy, hyper, awake dog running through my house like a bull in a china shop. But there’s something especially sweet about a moose of a dog who can’t hold his puppy dog eyes open, who gives in and drifts off to Dreamland. It’s even sweeter when said dog falls asleep with his big, hairy head resting on my cold, bare feet under the desk. When that happens, I almost forget about the time he lifted his leg on the corner of my bed and relieved himself all over my dry-clean-only bedspread. Almost.

4. Cable. A good friend of mine lives wayyyy out in the sticks, and they don’t bring cable out to her neck o’ the woods. Recently, she and her husband decided to get rid of their satellite, too. So, I was on the phone with her yesterday, and they were messing around with an antenna and trying desperately to tune in at least one channel on their television. Oh boy… that sounded like a party! And after listening to that for about 5 minutes, I vowed to never take my cable for granted. Cable is a wonderful thing; and so is my cable modem, without which I could never survive (and my blog would no longer exist, and then you would be sad, too, I just know it).

5. Feeding the fish. Nick is generally the first person awake and moving in the mornings. And one of the first things he does is turn on the light in the fish tank and feed the creatures. But every now and then, I beat him to it. And, for some strange reason, I love to feed the fish! Maybe it’s because they’re so enthusiastic about feeding time… unlike my children when I put dinner on the table and they bitch and moan because they undoubtedly don’t like whatever I’m serving. Another reason I like to feed the fishies is because it’s the only time the crazy, upside-down catfish ever comes out of his hiding place in the little cave. He’s the strangest damn creature; he hangs upside-down in the cave 24/7. But when he senses feeding time, he darts out for a millisecond… just long enough to grab the closest flake of food… and then he disappears again for another 24 hours. Of course, that elusive weirdo just happens to be my favorite fish.

6. 4:30 pm. This is a magical time in my world (at least Monday through Friday). Give or take a few minutes, Nick’s big red truck can be heard climbing the hill to our house at 4:30 every day. He’ll probably be amazed to read this… because I don’t exactly jump up and race to the door and greet him enthusiastically when he walks in every day (like a good wife probably would). But I do miss him throughout the day when he’s not here, and I always smile on the inside when I hear him arriving home. I appreciate 4:30 even more now because I remember what it was like when Nick was out driving and didn’t come home every day… and that’s an experience I hope to never repeat. “Daddy’s home!” are two of the sweetest words in the English language (especially for a work-at-home mom whose two children are home on summer vacation!).

*I’m sure I will certainly, finally, be nominated for Mother of the Year when the Internet gets a load of THIS!

Now, the fun part… I get to tag six fellow bloggers to play along: Trish, Maria, Kris, Carrie, Stephanie, and Julie.

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