Why a day at the pool rocks

1. I never heard “I’m bored!!!!” from Damon… all day.

2. I never heard “I’m bored!!!!” from Avery… all day.

3. I spent 6 blissful hours out of my house (that rarely happens!).

4. I didn’t have to take a dog outside or fill a water bowl or yell at a dog for being spastic… all day.

5. Our pool has yummy cheese fries (and I packed the rest of the kids’ lunch, so we didn’t spend a small fortune at the snack bar).

6. I didn’t have to yell at the kids for fighting… all day.

7. Saw more smiles on Damon’s face than I’ve seen in months, I think.

8. I didn’t have to do any housework.

9. I didn’t have to feel guilty about doing no housework (because I wasn’t sitting in the house, looking at all the work that needs to be done, just thinking about doing it).

10. Damon was out cold by 8pm.*

*Without a doubt, the BEST thing about a day at the pool!!!!

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4 Responses to Why a day at the pool rocks

  1. MommaC says:

    This looks very similar to the pool in NM … amazing. It, too, was my summer salvation! Looks like everyone had fun…

  2. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    Sounds like the pool idea is one that can work to keep my ‘ronius in a state of serenity all summer!

  3. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    Old man asks: Where be da pool pics?!!?

  4. ChrisB says:

    When we joined the Y last week, it was for precisely these wonderful and serene moments by their pool….glad you guys had fun!

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