Rain, rain, go away!

I usually don’t mind the weather… good, bad, or indifferent… I don’t get too excited about it most of the time. It is what it is (right, Dad?).

But tonight, I’m super bummed that it’s been raining in my world all evening.

Tonight, Nick and I had tickets for really awesome seats at the Pirates game (three rows from the field, right next to the Pirates dugout!). We’ve been looking forward to it for weeks!! So, of course, Mother Nature chose TONIGHT to dump lotsa cold rain and nastiness over Pittsburgh.

We left here earlier all bundled up and with a backpack full of dry clothes… assuming we were going to get soaked if the game was still on. We didn’t care. We won’t melt. We wanted to see some baseball, darn it!! And, most importantly, we had a babysitter for the evening… Lord knows you can’t waste THAT!

But, when we were just entering the city, we heard on the radio that the game had been called. Booo! So then we fought through rush hour traffic in downtown Pittsburgh for over an hour and headed back home, deflated.

We did stop for dinner on the way back, so it wasn’t a completely wasted date night. We still had a few hours away from our children. But definitely not the fun night we were hoping for!

The good news is that we can exchange our tickets for any other home game this season. So hopefully we’ll have our night at the ballpark one of these warm, dry summer nights.

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One Response to Rain, rain, go away!

  1. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    You’re right ‘ronius — It is what it is (iiwii)! — ceptin’ fer when it ain’t (cfwia). . . sorry about the rain out. . . I could go for a little b-ball — and it’s a rainy day in GA (but we old folks like it for the plant-watering) hahaha

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