From Wolf to Bear

Last Thursday, the Cub Scouts of Pack 334 “graduated.” Damon and his fellow Wolves officially became Bear Cubs… and swapped their gold neckerchiefs for baby blue ones.


(That’s Damon on the right… with the wedgie.)


(That’s Damon’s dad, with the bald head, putting Damon’s new neckerchief on him.)

We weren’t sure if Damon was going to continue with Scouts after graduation or not. He complains A LOT about Scouts… like, every week when it’s time to go to another meeting, he whines and moans about it (but, honestly, Damon whines and moans about everything these days!). So, we let Damon decide whether or not he wanted to continue. And he told us that he wanted to stick with it and become a Bear. I think he made a good choice, and I’m happy to remain a part of our Scout family for another year!

Now, we just need to buy him a new hat, a new neckerchief slide, and a new book full of Bear activities and achievements for the next year… and get Grandma to sew more patches and arrow points and God knows what else (I get easily confused!) onto his uniform shirt.

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3 Responses to From Wolf to Bear

  1. Carrie says:

    Congratulations Damon! I’m glad he decided to stick with it. I’ve seen it do great things for some of the teens I taught.

  2. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    Way to go BearBoy — wish I had been a scout — I think it’s a good experience for any young man — and I like the uniform on you. Congrats.!

  3. Emily says:

    Yay Damon! Way to go mom and dad too!

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