I hate figuring out what’s for dinner

We’ve spent the past week eating nothing but sandwiches. Every evening, it was “Make-Your-Own-Sandwich Night” at our house. See, Nick refuses to eat hot food when it’s above 60 degrees outside… so sandwiches for dinner every night is just fine with him this time of year. The kids enjoyed it, too… for a day or two. By last night, they were both screaming, “Sandwiches AGAIN?? Come on!!!!”

And I’m growing weary of trying to please everyone. So, last night, I asked each family member to choose what they wanted to have for dinner one night this week. If we all pick something, that’s four nights covered… and we can deal with sandwiches the other nights, right?

It’s going to be an interesting week.

Damon chose: boneless, breaded chicken… of some sort. I have no idea what he’s really wanting… chicken tenders? shake and bake chicken breasts? Dunno… but hopefully I’ll come up with something that resembles what he wants. He also chose chicken-flavored Ramen noodles, green beans with bacon (the way his Grandma Chris makes them!), and those frozen roll things.

Avery chose: baked ham drowned in honey, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas (blech!!!), and biscuits.

Nick was being a pain in the butt yesterday and wasn’t playing along very well. He grumbled “sandwiches” when I asked what his choice was. So, I guess we’re having sandwiches for Nick’s night. (The kids will looooove that!)

I chose Make-Your-Own pizza for my dinner.

Unfortunately, now I have to get my butt to the grocery store so that I can make one of these meals tonight… ehhh, maybe we’ll start tomorrow!

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One Response to I hate figuring out what’s for dinner

  1. Tammi says:

    We deal with the same problem in our house! I like the idea of everyone picking something for the week.

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