Scout Fishing

Ever since Nick became a den leader last winter, he’s been dying to get the boys outside. They spend a lot of time sitting in a classroom doing indoor activities… and the leaders spend a lot of time yelling. Because, let’s face it, a group of 8-year-old boys don’t want to be stuck in another classroom after they’ve already spent an entire day at school.

So, Nick organized a fishing trip last weekend. We’re lucky enough to live just minutes away from this gorgeous state park… Nick and I took our kids fishing there several times last year, and it’s a great spot!

Saturday’s outing was a huge success! We had a great group of boys (many of whom were uncharacteristically well behaved!!) and several parents, grandparents, etc. who volunteered to join us… and helped make sure that the boys didn’t hook each other or take a swim in the lake.

Three boys even caught fish! And thank goodness Damon was one of them… because he was getting really cranky toward the end of the day when he still hadn’t caught anything. We’re working on the concept of sportsmanship and not always winning… but, what can I say, he’s an 8-year-old boy. He wants to win. And he wanted to catch a darn fish. Damon and fellow Wolf Cody both caught nice-sized trouts (according to my husband; I have no idea what they were or if they were a nice size or not; I take his word on these things). And Xavier, who I believe is a new Tiger recruit, caught his first fish ever… a little blue gill (I think). He was so excited; he was jumping up and down and couldn’t even speak! So cute.

I was the official photographer for the event (as usual). And I might’ve gone a little nuts. In less than 2 hours, I managed to snap 135 pics. I’ll post a few of my favorites here. But if you want to get a real feeling for how our evening went, you can see all of the pics here on Flickr.









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4 Responses to Scout Fishing

  1. MommaC says:

    This makes me smile. Sure does bring back memories. Looks like everyone had great fun!

  2. MommaC says:

    What in the world is that ugly brown splotchy thing that appears next to my posts, and how can I change it? Looks like sumpin’ to be cleaned up from the floor….

  3. Erin says:

    lol, Chris! That’s a little monster of some type. Usually they’re much cuter than that. I don’t know how you got that ugly creature!!

  4. Allison says:

    LOVE the photos!!! Looks like all had fun! Hubby is taking our Webelos den camping in a couple weeks!

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