Strange Bedfellows

Last night (like most nights), I had a horrible time getting Avery to GO TO SLEEP. I tucked her in at 9pm and then fought with her for the next 2 hours. She kept getting out of her bed, coming out to the living room to ask me one stupid question after another (while all I was trying to do was enjoy two television shows in peace and quiet, HA!), and wailing in horror when I screamed “GET BACK IN BED… DAMN!!!”

Well, this morning, when I went to wake her up… this was the scene I found in her bed:


And I thought to myself, “Is it any wonder this child has such trouble going to sleep at night??”

There was barely room for HER to lie down in the bed… see how she’s teetering on the edge there? And Lord only knows how long she spends arranging everything just so and making sure all of her babies are sleeping soundly.

I love how she has the one baby “tucked in” in the green bucket. That baby looks super comfy, doesn’t she?



I can hardly wait to see what’s in Avery’s bed with her tomorrow morning!

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