My poor, neglected blog

I feel like I haven’t been doing much blogging lately… I’m spending too much time playing on Twitter and Facebook, and then I feel like I can’t possibly have anything left to say! But, there’s always more to say, right?? When have you ever known ME to run out of things to say??

The one nice thing about my blog is that I can ramble on and on and not worry about running out of characters. That Twittering can be stressful stuff… although I think the “140 characters or less” thing presents an interesting challenge, too.

Today I finally figured out how to post pics on Twitter with twitpic. Oh boy, that was fun! I posted pics of walking Comet this morning… and then posted pics of the new books that arrived via UPS this afternoon. I could’ve spent my whole day taking and posting ridiculous photos of my day. I won’t bore you with the pics here now, but you can always visit my twitpic site if you’re really interested (and/or really bored!).

I promise I’m going to try to be a better blogger. Lord knows with these crazy kids of mine, I should never run out of blogging material! Speaking of which… tomorrow morning I have to go register Avery for Kindergarten. I thought we did this already a couple months ago, but apparently that was the pre-registration… where we went and picked up the five million forms that we have to fill out for the REAL registration, which is tomorrow. Uhh, okay.

So, tomorrow will be a busy day (by my standards anyway). I’ll have to fight to get both kids up and fed and dressed, as usual. Then get Damon to school… then Avery and I get to sit around and wait for 30 minutes for our registration “appointment.” After that, depending on what time it is, we’ll probably meet Nick for lunch. Then we’ll have an hour or so to breathe before we have to go back to the school to get Damon. And, somewhere in there, I need to edit two articles on childhood obesity. The fun just NEVER ends around here…

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