Movin’ on up

Our kitchen table is a nice, sturdy, oak table that has been in my family for years and years. I think it started as my Gram’s; she handed it down to Mom; then my brother and his family put their scars on it; and finally, it found a home with me several years ago.

The table has been used and abused… and finished and re-finished many times. Today, it’s just as sturdy as it ever was. The chairs that went with it? Not so much. When we moved, over a year ago, we left the falling-apart chairs behind (or, rather, we probably burned them in one of our infamous bonfires).

So, we’ve spent the past year sitting on the floor in our living room, gathered around the little coffee table, to eat our meals together. It’s been less than ideal.

Finally, last weekend, we found a great deal on some chairs that go with our table!! Nick and I were beyond thrilled the first night we were able to eat dinner at the kitchen table… like real people!


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