Who invented the doorbell?

The Internet is failing me (I hate it when it does that!)… WikiAnswers tells me that the doorbell was invented by Thomas Edison. Another site says it was invented by Joseph Henry.

The thing is… I don’t really CARE who invented the doorbell. I just wanted to curse that person for a moment. And because whoever it was is dead and gone by now (both Web sites agree that the darned thing was invented in 1831), it probably doesn’t matter much… I’ll curse both Edison and Henry, just for fun. How’s that??

In the past few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s NOTHING more annoying than a doorbell. I should clarify that a bit… there’s nothing more annoying than a doorbell WHEN you happen to be the owner of a hyper Golden Retriever and a bundle-of-nerves Miniature Pinscher.

Picture this: The house is nothing but peace and quiet, everyone is doing their own thing, and then… DINGGGGG DONG! Suddenly, two dogs come tearing out of nowhere barking and jumping and knocking things off of the coffee table (that would be Lizzie, trying to get a better look at who might be at the door). Then I start screaming, “SHUT UP, you worthless beasts!” and I’m tripping over them as I make my way to the door.

And the worst part is… I know who’s at the door. The only person who EVER rings my doorbell is the child who lives up the street (who I DETEST, by the way). He rings my doorbell three to five times a day, wanting to know if Damon can come out and play. Damon, who is 2 years younger than this child. Damon, who ends up bleeding or bruised every time this particular child comes around.

But, anyway, that’s another blog post altogether!

Back to the doorbell… and the beasts’ reaction to the doorbell. It makes me want to drink. All Hell breaks loose in this house when someone (i.e., the evil kid from up the street) rings the doorbell. I think this is the only house I’ve ever lived in where the doorbell actually WORKED. Maybe I could convince my husband to disconnect it?? Of course, then the evil kid would just knock… and that would get a similar response from the crazy animals. Maybe the answer is to get rid of the crazy dogs… or drug them… or disable their barkers.

There has to be a solution to this problem… but until I figure out what it is, I’m cursing the inventor of the doorbell, whoever that was.

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