Spring Break: Day One

Let me start by saying this: I do love my children. Really. I do.

But, I find that I love them a lot more when I get a 6-hour break from them Monday through Friday. School is a wonderful thing!! And even though, at times when the public school system upsets me, I sometimes consider how cool homeschooling would be… I know I wouldn’t last a week. Wayyyy too much “together time” with my little darlings! There aren’t enough happy drugs in the world for that, I’m thinking…

So, anyway, it’s Spring Break here. The kids are home until Tuesday. We’re officially 3 hours into Spring Break, and I’m already tearing my hair out. I’m thinking, “Don’t we have a ton of snow days to make up?? Couldn’t they have taken some of these Spring Break days AWAY??”

I’m sure there must be a special place in Hell for bad moms like me. (Luckily, I’ll be in good company. I know I have lots of mommy friends who can relate to this post… it’s okay, you guys don’t have to “come out” and admit it… I know who you are!)

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2 Responses to Spring Break: Day One

  1. Momma C says:

    And to think, I just posted a really sappy blog about the little dears…

    Miss and love you all…

  2. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    Home schooling sounds to me a lot like hell for Mommies — and all the little devils, themselves. . . put out the fire!

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