Puffy, very puffy (whining ahead)

Yesterday, I took the last of my meds. For the past two weeks, I’ve been taking insane amounts of antibiotics and steroids.

Today, I feel like a water balloon… about to pop any second! In the hospital, I didn’t notice that the steroids were really affecting me that way. I thought maybe my face looked a little “fuller” than usual, but nothing terribly noticeable. Today, it’s noticeable… and it’s almost painful.

AND, to add insult to injury, my skin is breaking out like crazy!! All of that oxygen therapy that I was bragging about? Yeah, I must be having withdrawals at this point… and my skin is not happy about it!

I’m just ready to be back to “normal.” I’m so grateful that my lungs are functioning again… but I don’t want to be a zitty water balloon!

***TMI warning***

It gets even better… I’m a zitty water balloon with a yeast infection, thanks to 2 weeks of antibiotics!

Oh boy. This is sooo much fun!!

End of annoying, whining rant. (I do know that I’m a very blessed girl… I just had a “moment” there! Sorry!)

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2 Responses to Puffy, very puffy (whining ahead)

  1. Grampy (aka "Papa") says:

    TMI indeed! . . . I read the “TMI Warning” as TMJ — and didn’t unclench my jaw ’til it was over. . . keep a stiff upper lip (lol). . . P.S. At yeast your out of hospital (as them bakin’ Brits would say) xxoo

  2. Erin says:

    lol, Dad!
    I knew you’d think this was TMI, that’s why I PUT a warning on it… just for you!

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