The power of oxygen

A few days into my hospital stay, my mom commented one morning that my skin looked so nice and clear. And it really did. I thought, “hmm, must be all of this nice, clean oxygen that’s being forced up my nose at an alarming rate!” And then I didn’t think much else about it…

This morning, I was half dressed and sitting on the bed talking to Nick… he was absentmindedly rubbing my back and said, “Wow, your back is so soft!” Unusual indeed. I’ve always had super duper horribly dry skin. I’m talking like those nasty red bumps on my upper arms… no matter what kind of fabulous moisturizer I try… I’m a dry, bumpy, nasty girl… and I learned to accept that long ago.

But, after 10 days on oxygen, suddenly the skin all over my body is smooth and silky… like a baby’s bottom! It’s really quite amazing.

So, I’m sharing this to prove that oxygen does a body good. And if you’re in Vegas or Japan (or anywhere else where O2 bars are popular these days), you should definitely give it a go! Although, I’m not sure how much good 20 minutes of oxygen would do a person… but 10 days worth was pretty magical!

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1 Response to The power of oxygen

  1. Angie says:

    We saw those O2 bars all over in Vegas, (full of options and flavors) but there was no way I was going to do that. The whole idea of an O2 bar kind of freaks me out for some reason. More than the idea of the Stratosphere rollercoaster.

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