Ain’t too proud…

Given the fact that I’m an insane scrapbooker, I try to photograph just about everything… it’s a sickness (that only other scrappers fully understand!).

So, of course, I had to capture my pneumonia on film, too… the good, the bad, and the ugly. Apparently, I have NO pride… because some of these photos are downright frightening!!

This was the first pic I took once my camera was brought to me in the hospital… probably on day 2 or 3. I was probably at just about my worst point here… on 6 liters of oxygen and still struggling to breathe! Plus, I was in desperate need of a shower… ick.


I joked a lot with my mom throughout the week that I was a little OCD about my bedside table. Seriously, it was one of the only things I had any “control” over all week… and I was quite compulsive about keeping all of my things organized and within reach, etc. I couldn’t have managed without my books, Carmex, tissues, socks, cell phone, and ginger ale!!




Ahhh, the view from my bed! I spent lots and lots of time looking at this… and watching the hands on that clock move VERY slowly!


Feeling like a new woman after a shower! I had to fight for two days to take a shower… the nurses were terrified to let me take the oxygen off for 5 minutes. But, honestly, those 5 minutes under hot water were more therapeutic than anything else!



Gorgeous flowers from my ScrapHappy friends…


and my friend Christie…


And the biggest, most wonderful fruit basket I’ve ever seen… from my Meddy!





St. Patrick’s Day in the hospital! Nick brought me a silly hat… and Avery made me a Blarney Stone for good luck! And, for the first time in over a week, I was finally able to remove the oxygen for short periods of time!


This is my new friend Sarita, who I shared room 822 with for the last few days of my stay. I had shared the room with a complete psychopath for a few days before Sarita came along (more on her later… maybe…). When I saw Sarita walk in (carrying a book!), I breathed a huge sigh of relief! She’s also a mom to two little ones… and her nursing 6-month-old daughter visited us lots; that smiling little face was definitely the highlight of my week! Sarita and I actually had a really fun time those last few nights… we joked that it was like summer camp, without the crafts (and with painful IVs and procedures!). We took this pic less than an hour before we were discharged… no more oxygen and my last IV was just finishing up. Sarita and I were so glad that we were discharged at the same time so that neither of us had to suffer for long in the room alone.


I actually wish I had some more pics to share… of some of my favorite nurses, respiratory therapists, and other hospital staff. But I thought they’d probably send me off to the loony floor of the hospital if I asked to take pics with all of them! Even a crazy scrapbooker draws the line somewhere, right?? 😉

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