DiCarlo’s Pizza

As I type this post, I’m chowing down on a piece of DiCarlo’s pizza… and I just had to share this experience with all of you (especially with my cousin Carrie, who reported not long ago that a DiCarlo’s was coming to her neck o’ the woods!).

DiCarlo’s is different, for sure. It’s unlike any pizza I’ve ever had… and I’ve grown to love it in the past year (now that we live in DiCarlo’s territory and have two locations here in town!). What’s so different about it?? Well, they take a square pizza crust and put a little sauce on top and bake it. Sounds almost normal, right? But THEN, after the crust is baked, they throw all of the toppings (including oodles of shredded provolone cheese!) on the top, and VOILA!

You read that right… they don’t actually cook the pizza with the toppings on it. It’s weird, I know. But it’s also surprisingly tasty!

Oh, and they sell it by the slice/piece/whatever… so, if you want a large pizza? You’re buying 28 pieces individually. (I still haven’t quite gotten used to that part!)

Nick brought me five pieces of “Everything” DiCarlo’s pizza today for lunch… he must’ve thought I was REALLY hungry!


(Only four pieces are pictured above… I’d already eaten my lunch when I decided to do this blog post!)

Nick, who grew up feasting on DiCarlo’s pizza, reports that it’s even better in the summertime… when the cheese melts itself simply because it’s warm outside! I’ll have to test this theory in a few months. Today, my cheese was mostly not melted… although the warm crust/sauce does seem to “soften” the cheese a bit.

For me, the best thing about DiCarlo’s pizza is the crust. It’s nice and crispy… and kinda puts me in the mind of that cardboard-type stuff you get at the county fair, only it’s better than that. I also like all of the raw veggies… onions, olives, mushrooms, banana peppers… YUMMMM!

So, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself anywhere near a DiCarlo’s (or if you’re my cousin Carrie and you haven’t yet tried the new DiCarlo’s in your neighborhood!), you must give it a shot… and then report back here and tell me what you think!

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4 Responses to DiCarlo’s Pizza

  1. Julie Young says:

    that pizza looks sooooooo much better then the pizza we had for lunch today! it’s a new “new york style” place here in town and us girls at work just had to go…..well it was good but they didn’t speak great english! hahahaha they spoke great mexican?! go figure in an italian kinda place! LOL

  2. Carrie says:

    Oooooooh!!! It looks soooo good….I’m making Tim take me this weekend after I get out of class! What a nice husband you have!! Wish mine would bring me lunch…..Hope you had a great weekend for your birthday!

  3. Leslie P. says:

    RJ’s hometown has something like this. It’s official name is The Original Pizza House, but everyone calls it Police Station Pizza (because it used to be next to the town police station)… and the pizza is JUST LIKE THIS. Extra cheese is the BEST! Probably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, no lie.

  4. Bridget =) says:

    ok, where ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU??? how is no smoking going??? been thinking (and rooting!) for you!!!!

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