Damon’s fish

Damon requested fish for his 8th birthday… so he got fish. A friend of ours actually had this tank, just sitting and collecting dust… so he gave that to us and we bought all the “extras” to go with it… and some fish, of course.

The first four fish came from WalMart. We were the only people in this town not glued to a television on Superbowl Sunday. We were in WalMart, buying four fish… who Damon named after Steelers players (none of whom I recognized or remember at this point, of course).

Unfortunately, three of those fish didn’t make it past the first week… may they rest in peace.

Nick then went to a local pet store and got lots of advice from the Little Critters lady… and brought home four more fish, who are supposed to be tough little guys who can survive just about anything¬† (including new fish tank owners, learning how to keep them alive!). So far, so good.

I attempted to take pics of this new tank… and realized that I have no clue how to properly/successfully take photos of a fish tank.

Here’s my first shot, with the flash on… eek!


I promise there are fish in there somewhere! You can see the red guy if you look really hard (he has a black tail if that helps any); it’s kinda like Where’s Waldo, huh? I’ve decided his name is Wally because he’s the only WalMart survivor (Damon doesn’t know that this fish has a new name, but that’s okay; what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!).

Then I turned the flash off and got these pics:



You can kinda/sorta see little blurs of the other fish in those shots. They’re fast little devils and don’t like to pose for my camera. And that bubble thing in the back looks really funky in photos!

How about a pic from another angle??


Nope, that didn’t really work either… still a few blurry fish and some crazy-lookin’ bubbles!

I have a lot of work to do with my photography skills, apparently!!

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