Scouts Thursday

Another Thursday evening… another 2 hours in a room full of hyper 8-year-old boys. It’s no wonder that tonight I have another screaming headache!

Tomorrow night is a big event for the boys — the annual Blue and Gold Banquet. And we’re thrilled that all of the boys in our den (including our son) will be receiving their Wolf badges!

Because I haven’t been great about posting pics lately, here are a few I snapped at our den meeting tonight.

The Wolves, preparing to say the Pledge of Allegiance (I think Damon is the second from the right; they all look alike, lol):

Avery does a great job as the official flag holder!


Damon receiving his Recognition Badge (at least I think that’s what my husband told me it’s called… I’m positively clueless!) from the Cub Master:



I’m sure I’ll have plenty more pics to share tomorrow night, after the big ceremony! Right now, I’m going to tear the house apart in search of some Ibuprofen…

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