This is getting old…

Every day, I pick Avery up from preschool at 2:20pm… give or take a few minutes. Then we drive across town to the elementary school and wait approximately 40 minutes for Damon to get out of school at 3:05pm.

I don’t really mind the 40-minute wait each day… Avery amuses herself by rifling through the glovebox and drawing on every scrap of paper she can find, and I take advantage of the downtime by reading (and enjoy that I don’t have to feel guilty about reading versus working!).

But, the past two times that I’ve done this (last Friday and today), I’ve ended up coming home without my son… which means I’m sitting in the parking lot waiting for 40 minutes for, uhhh, no reason.

See, Damon’s neighborhood buddies (brothers Matt and Jason) recently moved across town. So they are no longer able to run over here as soon as the bus drops them off after school every day. Now, their mom is driving them to and from school so that they can finish out the school year before transferring to another elementary school in town.

Friday, after the 40-minute wait for Damon to be released from school, he asked if he could spend the night at Matt and Jason’s. Their mom was okay with this, so she just took Damon home with them. Today, after the 40-minute wait, Damon asked if he could go over to Matt and Jason’s to play for a few hours. Again, their mom was okay with this and took Damon home with them.

I’m starting to think that Matt and Jason’s mom and I need to coordinate a schedule of sorts… so that I’m not sitting there every day for 40 minutes waiting, just so he can go home with someone else.

Of course, then I won’t get my guilt-free reading time each afternoon… so maybe I should quit my bitchin’ and remain a blissfully ignorant and unorganized mom, eh??

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