Capturing Time

My scrappy friend Eleni has been working on this Capturing Time project for a while now… and I’ve been drooling over her layouts and wanting to try this myself!

It follows a really simple “recipe.” Two 6×6 white pages with 4×4 blocks… on one side, you have a 4×4 photo with journaling all the way around it; on the other side, you have another 4×4 decorated square with the title, “Time for…” something.

Here are the first two that I’ve completed.


Time for Angst: 2008 — Damon Age 7. I love this picture because it is so “Damon.” I also hate it because he looks so unhappy. Is it really normal for a 7yo to have such angst?


Time for Beauty: My mom and Gram always said, “you have to suffer to be beautiful.” Avery found that out the hard way when she begged to get her ears pierced! 2008

I’m loving these quick, simple pages and can’t wait to create some more of them!

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