Kids are disgusting creatures

I spent my morning cleaning up after my 5-year-old princess. My 5-year-old slob of a princess.

Here are the “before” pics (and I can’t quite believe I’m even going to post these for the world to see, but I am):


Yikes, right? There’s not even a pillow case on that pillow… what in the world?!?! I should be so embarrassed right now… I kind of am, but it’ll get better, I swear.


Obviously, it’s not better yet… just the same mess from another view (and with Comet’s tail in the foreground).

The good news is that it looks a little better now…



So, it’s still not perfect. That toybox that’s overflowing in the corner? Half of the junk in there needs to be thrown out… and it certainly needs to be organized. But I can only handle so much in one day, sorry.

Oh, and the infamous Rose Petal Cottage is missing from these pics. I’m still waiting on Avery’s carpet to dry (I even busted out the old carpet cleaner today! Yay, go me!!) before I return that darn thing, which takes up half of her room…

And while we’re touring Avery’s room, let me show you a close-up of her new quilt that Grandma made for her. I love it; it’s so pink and girly and princessy… totally “Avery.” Avery loves it, too. Supposedly, Grandma made a matching pillow sham, but I haven’t seen that yet (apparently we could use it, since the child had a pillow with no pillow case on her bed earlier!).


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1 Response to Kids are disgusting creatures

  1. Penny says:

    The quilt is adorable. I’ll PM you some pics of Victoria’s room, you’ll feel 100% better I promise you. If it looked like avery’s room I’d be thrilled 😉

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