Making it work

It’s almost midnight on Saturday night… and I’m working, of course. And Avery is still awake and entertaining herself with a notebook and some Sharpies at the kitchen table (and we’re both jammin’ to some good ole country music playing on the radio). She’s delivering her masterpieces to me, one by one, as she finishes them.

Then, Avery, my 5-year-old Princess, has a brilliant idea: if Mommy can’t take a break from work and join me, then I’ll just take my coloring to her!

She brought her notebook and Sharpies and a kitchen chair over to the corner of my desk and set up shop here, right beside me.



I think Avery’s been having a hard time with the fact that I’ve been working SO much lately. She’s constantly asking me why I can’t just “take a break” and play with her for a while. And, of course, the Mommy Guilt almost totally consumes me every time we have one of those exchanges.

So, tonight, Avery’s solution to the problem almost brought me to tears… happy tears, because she’s such a great, loving, smart kid. You’re right, Morgan, they really ARE a blessing! 😉

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