An early birthday present

My mom called me this afternoon and said she was on her way over with an early birthday gift for me. Weee, major excitement!

So, she walked in the door, holding something behind her back and said, “Now, Erin, try not to get too excited… are you ready for this thrilling birthday present?” Uhhh yeah, I’m ready… although now I’m thinking “darn, it’s not going to be anything fun!” since she’s acting like I’m going to hate it.

This is what Mom got me for my birthday:


And, honestly, I squealed in delight (I think Mom was a little shocked that I truly WAS thrilled with her gift). New silverware… that I needed desperately!

We’ve always had that cheap, plastic-handled junk, and it’s been falling apart lately… and half of our forks have magically disappeared. So I keep talking about breaking down and buying new silverware, but of course, I never actually DO anything that practical.

So, I am thrilled with my early birthday gift. And it made me absolutely GIDDY to gather all of the cheap, plastic-handled, falling-apart, crappy stuff that I had before and throw it in the garbage today. Giddy.

And, dinner tasted so much better tonight on the end of one of my new forks!

How do moms always know EXACTLY what we need??

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