Help a Crazy Momma Blogger Out!

So, I decided to participate in Kim’s Blog Improvement Project 2009 (note the cute new button in my sidebar).

The current challenge is a Blog Bingo of sorts… and I’m supposed to try different “types” of blog posts (oh, my!).

I’m sitting here, reading over her list of blog post types and thinking, “uhhhh, okay, now what?”

So, today, I’m attempting to kill two birds with one stone… I’m asking YOU to give me suggestions for things you really wouldn’t hate reading about in the next 10 days, so that I have some direction for this project (and getting that pesky “poll or question post” outta the way!).

Some of the types of posts I need to write include: a list post, a link post, a definition post, a how-to post, an opinion post, etc.

I think I’m having trouble because my blog isn’t really about any one specific thing… it’s not a book blog or a mommy blog or a scrapping blog or a work blog — it’s just a “me” blog!

So, do me a huge favor and leave some feedback on this post, letting me know what you think I should blog more about, pleeeeeeeease! Otherwise, you might get a “How To Edit a Medical Textbook” post, and I know no one wants that (me included)!

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One Response to Help a Crazy Momma Blogger Out!

  1. Maria says:

    Erin, sign up for Plinky–it will give you prompts for blog content.

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