Thank God

I confess, I’m not a football fan… at all.

But because I live in Steelers Country, I was really hoping they’d pull it off… otherwise I was going to be afraid to leave my house in the morning. (These people around here are NUTS!) My mom was joking earlier that, if the Steelers lost, we’d probably see people jumping out of windows all over town tonight, lol. Funny, but I almost wondered if she was right…

So, Hurray for the new Superbowl Champs! (There, now I think I’ve earned the right to live here a little longer, at least. Before you know it, I’ll own a Terrible Towel, ack!!!!)

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One Response to Thank God

  1. Becki says:

    Your mom was right . . . call me if you need help getting a Terrible Towel.

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