January 30, 2001, 11:15pm


Still no baby.

I know, I know, you were hoping he’d be here by now. And, TRUST ME, now that I’m in the final stage of labor (the dreaded, eeeek, “pushing” stage), I’m really wishing he’d hurry up, too!

Right about now, I’m thinking, “hmmm, maybe this baby thing was a bad idea… a really, really baaaaaad idea!”

And, “curse those women on A Baby Story who push once, maybe twice, and have a bundle of joy in their arms… curse them!”

And, “I really wish that annoying nurse would quit counting and telling me to buck up and concentrate. Trust me, Lady, I’m concentrating. How can I NOT concentrate on the fact that my body is being ripped in half here!”

OH, and I almost left out the most exciting part… about an hour ago, Dr. Kearney realized that my baby was upside down, not the most optimal position for him to be in during the delivery. So he simply (ha!) reached on in there and manually flipped the babe right-side up. Oh wow, THAT was pleasant. Let’s do that again soon… not!

You may as well go grab a drink and some snacks and watch an old re-run of Roseanne while you’re at it… yeah, you’ve got time. (Have I mentioned that Damon was a very stubborn child??)

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