Ack! Minor blog emergency!

Last week, I finally joined the land of the living and switched my blog feeds over to Google Reader. I had been using another feed service (or whatever those things are called) to manage my blog subscriptions for quite some time… and I really hated it. It took forever and a day to be notified of updates, and it would frequently crap itself and tell me that I had 200 unread posts on any given blog (which was just rubbish… I’m never THAT behind on my favorite blogs!).

So, anyway, I made the switch to Google Reader, and I have been just thrilled with that change in my world.

When I switched, I had the arduous task of adding all of my favorite blogs and getting them set up to my liking (renamed and categorized, etc.) in Reader. It took a bit of time but was totally worth it…

Tonight, I was struck with a realization that made me feel a little queasy… in all of this switching and moving and renaming my favorite blogs, dear God, I had forgotten to add Pioneer Woman to my subscriptions!!! Holy Hannah, how have I survived without Ree all week??

And I know that those of you who are fans of P-Dub are wondering HOW I could do such a thing… but I have a good excuse, I swear. See, before, I was subscribed to her “Confessions” only. And I’m not really sure how that happened because I do love all of the other parts of her site, too. So, as I was adding my favorite sites to my Reader, I made a mental note that I had to visit PW and subscribe to ALL of her feeds… and then, well, I guess I got sidetracked and never did that.

But, you’ll be happy to know that I ran straight over to Ree’s frontier tonight when I realized how careless I’d been… and I’m now a subscriber to ALL things Pioneer Woman. WHEW! And now, all is right in my world again.

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One Response to Ack! Minor blog emergency!

  1. Jupiter says:

    Ha! That sounds like my minor blogging emergency of this past week. I decided to pare down my Google Reader list and somehow accidentally unsubscribed to a ton of blogs! I was so worried I’d never find them again. Whew!

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