Dear Dr. Pepper,

You are, without a doubt, hands down, my favorite soft drink.

I choose you over dozens of other soft drinks every time I find myself dying of thirst in a convenience store. I usually look at all of the other soft drinks, hoping something new and fabulous will jump out and catch my attention, but inevitably, it is you that I choose and carry to the check-out line every time.

I just have one question…

Why, oh why, must you be so darn fizzy???

Usually, when I’m opening a new bottle of your yummy self, I know what’s going to happen. I’m prepared. And I open the bottle very, very carefully (over a sink, if possible)… because you have erupted all over me and my kitchen floor and the inside of my car one too many times.

Tonight, however, I was careless. I was opening a brand new 2 liter and paying attention to an inquisitive 8 year old at the same time… and I forgot, for a crucial second, just how darn fizzy you are. Now, there’s a trail of stickiness from one end of my kitchen to the other (because I had to go running for the sink as you erupted).

I love you, Dr. Pepper. But you’re too darn fizzy (and I’m not at all happy about having to mop my sticky kitchen floor!).

(and, yes, apparently it’s letter-writing day on my blog today!)

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3 Responses to Dear Dr. Pepper,

  1. Tammi says:

    LOL – you crack me up!!!! I do hate when the soda bottles explode.

  2. Bridget =) says:

    it’s of no surprise to me to see how you love dr pepper as much as me. Coke is usually my #1 but I HEART dr pepper – even in DIET format!!! =)

  3. Erin says:

    Well, see, Bridget… we do differ somewhat. Coke is my LEAST favorite beverage. I only drink the Cherry variety, although I prefer Wild Cherry Pepsi, lol. But regular Coke? blech!!!!

    (I’m still not convinced that we weren’t separated at birth, though. lolol)

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