Dear Comet,

I’m so sorry for being a rotten dog mom and not walking you twice daily like I should. I know you love your walks (and truth be told, I kind of enjoy them myself)… but, darn it, it’s been COLD outside. Not to mention snowy and icy (and I know you’d love nothing more than to drag me down the sidewalk at lightning speed, causing me to fall flat on my face in the process).

When you jump up on my chair and give me this look…


I do feel a slight tinge of guilt. (And wonder why on earth your nose loses it’s color and turns pink during the winter months!)

But I remind myself often that you’re just a dog… a really dumb dog at that. And I hold fast to those rumors that dogs have no concept of time (probably not at all true, but I prefer to think it is) and that you don’t realize it’s been WEEKS since you had a proper walk around the neighborhood.

At any rate, you don’t appear to be suffering.


(And, damn, there are some ugly linoleum floors in this house!!)

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One Response to Dear Comet,

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Hey Erin, Don’t be premature in calling yourself a “bad dog mom.” I don’t like the cold and I bet neither does your pup. He looks happy on the nice warm floor. Cold weather depresses me but I’ve developed a way to cope. Visit me at

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