I have a date Friday night…

with the SciFi Channel (God, please tell me that I get the SciFi channel with my crummy cable package!) and Mick St. John, my favorite vampire on the small screen.

I cried big, huge crocodile tears when Moonlight was cancelled after it’s first season on CBS. And I’m the first to admit that when I initially heard about this “new vampire series” coming out, I thought, “oh, this oughtta be good” and rolled my eyes. But I tuned in anyway because, well, vampires! Duh. And I was sooo pleasantly surprised.

I loved the romance between Mick and Beth, of course… and the fact that there was a history there, revealed little bits at a time with each new episode. Aside from yummy Mick, it was the mystery of his past (even his relationship with wicked Coraline) that guaranteed I’d be sitting on my couch, remote in hand, every Friday night.

Huge thanks to Patricia at Patricia’s Vampire Notes for posting about Moonlight’s return to television. Even though they’re the same episodes that I’ve already seen, it’s better than no Mick at all, so I’ll be tuning in Friday night, yay!

P.S. You can click on my new Fangirl link on the sidebar to get more details about Moonlight on SciFi.

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3 Responses to I have a date Friday night…

  1. Bridget =) says:

    OMG… I LOVED THAT SHOW!!! (seriously, we were separated at birth???) – I was SUPER pissed when they cancelled it! HELLO!!! It was the BEST new show that year! asshats!!! i prayed SciFi would pick it up for new seasons, but I think the actors abandonded the idea and had already pretty much moved on….

  2. Erin says:

    Bridget, it is just a LITTLE scary that you and have the exact same interests/addictions/etc. Tell me again why we weren’t closer friends all those years ago at EMS?? lol

    So, uhhh, you’ll be joining me Friday night, I’m guessing? I’ll save you some popcorn! 😉

  3. braultfam says:

    I didn’t know it was cancelled til about a week ago and I got just slightly pissy over the fact.
    And since we don’t have cable, I don’t get to re-watch, darn it!!

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