Snow Day!

I was really excited about our first official “snow day” (i.e., schools are closed) of the year. I think it’s just a natural reaction, leftover from my childhood days, when a snow day was the best thing ever. But, as an adult/parent, I’m not sure why I still think they’re a good thing…

Instead of working in silence in an empty house (except for the dogs, but they’re pretty quiet) all day, I have two neighborhood boys here plus Damon and Avery… so, four kids running through my house like little hurricanes. Damn snow days!

The boys took a few minutes to calmly (and relatively quietly) play video games in Damon’s room, so I managed to snap some pics of them (boys hate to have their pictures taken, I’ve discovered)… and the Lego mess they’ve made in there.




Here’s Jason, trying to hide under the bed from my camera, using his sword to fend me off (silly boy).


And, could someone please tell my daughter that it’s zero degrees outside? She missed that memo…


At least she’s making herself useful and feeding the dogs for me… such a good girl, my Avery!


Please, God, let schools be open tomorrow!

ETA: I just got an alert that schools are closed tomorrow, too. I jinxed myself, that’s what I did…

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2 Responses to Snow Day!

  1. kate says:

    Oh, I feel for you! No school for my kiddos (or daycare kiddos) tomorrow and Monday.

    I do love that Avery is wearing her bathing suit around the house like it is hot and sunny….a girl can dream. 🙂

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh, I can relate to that lego mess, and I’ve only got one boy! And you daughter looks so cute. It’s summer where I live, so for a moment her bikini didn’t seem strange at all, until I remembered the post was called “Snow Day”. She looks like she’s having lots of fun though.

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